NEW 2014 Course Planning Tips From Departments and Programs

Listed below is recently received course planning information received after we printed documents.  Please refer to this updated information when advising students.  Any further updates will be added as they are received.


Faculty Advisors:  If you have a first-year student interested in first-year chemistry, please be aware there was an error in the automated posting of chemistry placements to SIS.  The recommendation we consider as Chem or CHBI 125 was incorrectly listed as simply CHBI 125.  This has been corrected on SIS, BUT the cards you may be getting in your advising packets were printed from SIS data before the correction was made.  SIS supersedes the information listed on the registration cards.

Please write in the correction on the label on the back of the registration card for each affected student. The labels were printed prior to this correction. That way, student workers at registration  will also see the right info.  Thanks for your attention to this matter.


Students interested in a major or concentration should plan to take EnvSt 137 during their first year or sophomore year.  If the student receives credit for AP Environmental Science (scored 4-5 appropriately on the exam), we count that credit as equivalent to EnvSt 137.  While there are no departmental courses other than EnvSt 137 open for registration this fall, students with EnvSt 137 credit who wish to begin their environmental studies major are encouraged to take Chemistry 121 or Chemistry 125, if they are interested in pursuing the natural science track, or Economics 121 if they are interested in pursuing the social science track. They may register for environmental studies courses offered during the January interim or spring semester. This include:

  • BI/ES 228 Environmental Health (January)
  • ES 218 Topics: History of Energy (January)
  • BI/ES 226 Conservation Biology (spring)
  • ENGL 276 Literature and the Environment
  • HIST 188 Topics: Being Green: American Environmentalism
  • HIST 275 Environmental History


additional information from Kay Smith


If you have first year advisees, please read the following information on mathematics placement.

The mathematics/statistics placement survey gives students a recommendation based on information they provide about their mathematical experience and academic interests.  The recommendation consists of a course or list of courses. Students do not have to follow the recommendation, but if they want to take a more advanced course, they should contact Kay Smith at smithk@stolaf.edu.

If a student does not have a mathematics placement recommendation on SIS, one of the following applies:

  1. The student did not complete the survey. If the student plans to take a mathematics or statistics course this year, please have him/her complete the survey at http://wp.stolaf.edu/aac/mscs-placement-information/.
  2. The student has satisfied the AQR requirement through AP, IB, or college credit and does not plan to take a mathematics or statistics course. If this is the case, the student’s degree audit should show that AQR has been completed.
  3. The student plans to take computer science to satisfy AQR.  In that case the student should have a computer science placement recommendation.
  4. The student’s situation is non-standard.  You will receive an e-mail from Kay Smith about what courses are recommended.

We will be making some changes in math placement recommendations up until students meet with advisors on September 2Please double-check your advisees’ math placement recommendations in SIS when you meet with them on Tuesday morning, Sept. 2.

For more information on course selection see the Course Planning Tips sheet contained in your advisor packet.

If you or your advisees have questions, please contact me at smithk@stolaf.edu or extension 3784.