Interim (January Term)

St. Olaf is one of only a handful of colleges and universities that adhere to a 4-1-4 academic calendar. The January Interim is intended as a four-week period of intensive study in one area and students may take only one course or program of instruction during the term. Whether pursued on or off campus, Interim courses tend to become a consuming passion, often involving long hours in the lab, studio, library, or traveling.

Interim provides a unique opportunity for instructors and students to focus their entire attention on one course at a time, permitting in depth, single-minded study and investigation. It is a time for exploration and experimentation. Interim courses often take students and professors around the world, from art in Manhattan to tropical ecology in Costa Rica to number theory in Budapest to development and community in Bangladesh, and a host of places and courses of study in between.

Upperclass students may pursue, with the guidance of a faculty member, independent study projects or internships on or off campus during Interim. St. Olaf upperclass students may also attend an Interim at one of approximately 25 other 4-1-4 colleges on an interim exchange basis.

With 90 or more courses offered and international and off-campus study programs crisscrossing the globe, Interim is a gift for the curious and the adventurous.