Student Organizations

College is about more than academics. Student organizations and activities offer great opportunities to gain experience, develop leadership skills, explore new ideas, meet great people, and… yes! … have fun.

Here’s the real benefit of having 3,000 students: we have people interested in just about everything. From music groups and political organizations, to the student newspaper and volunteer projects, to academic, religious and cultural groups, the challenge is finding time to get involved and stay involved.

Here are just a few student organizations on campus you may consider joining, but you can find a complete list through Oleville.

Academic: disciplinary honor societies (you’ll know them by the Greek letters), Quiz Bowl, Mock Trial

Athletic: Badminton Club, Hip Hop Skool, Ultimate (men’s and women’s), Crew Club, Rugby

Awareness: Amnesty International, Environmental Coalition, GLOW, Oles for … (your cause here)

Multicultural: Harambee, Hmong Women Dialogue, Muslim Student Association, Taiko Drumming

Political: College Democrats, College Republicans, Model UN,

Religious: FCO, Jewish Student Association, Monday Night Prayer, Student Congregation

Special Interest: Ballroom Performance, Chess, Film Club, Grilling Club, KSTO Radio, Pep Band

Temporary Projects: Awareness actions, protests, and teach-ins

Volunteer Network: ESL, Habitat for Humanity, Main Street Mentors, Ole Spring Relief

There are hundreds of organizations. Pick two or three or ten and get involved! It may require as little as a few hours once in a while to many hours a week — you can choose the level of your involvement.

Click here for a complete list of current organizations, and information about how to start a club or organization of your own.