Tour Guides

Samuel Ahove ’12
Accra, Ghana
Major(s): Economics/Finance
Caf Favorite: B-fast Omlette
Best Class: Corporate Finance
Recent Read: Investors Manifesto
Katie Barnes ’13
Culver, IN
Major(s): History, Russian, American Studies
Caf Favorite: Chicken Pita with green chilis
Best Class: Gandhi, Niebuhr, & King
Recent Read: Drift
Christine Barringer ’13
Littleton, CO
Major(s): Math, Psychology
Caf Favorite: Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese
Best Class: Linear Algebra
Recent Read: The Hunger Games
Patrick Faunillan ’13
Shakopee, MN
Major(s): Nursing, Asian Studies
Caf Favorite: Bowl Line
Best Class: Asian Conversations
Recent Read: East of Eden
Ken Fox ’14
Leawood, KS
Major(s): Psychology, Political Science
Caf Favorite: Pot Stickers
Best Class: The Problem of War
Recent Read: Pillars of the Earth
Lauren Kalish ’14
Syracuse, NY
Major(s): German, Sociology/Anthropology
Caf Favorite: Gado gado
Best Class: Campus Ecology
Recent Read: The Hunger Games
Stuti Thapa Magar ’15
Kathmandu, Nepal
Major(s): Undecided
Caf Favorite: Bacon, pot stickers
Best Class: Psychology
Recent Read: Harry Potter
Josh Martin ’14
Decorah, IA
Major(s): Math, Political Science
Caf Favorite: Wings
Best Class: Political Theory
Recent Read: Fever Pitch
Tucker Moore ’15
Minneapolis, MN
Major(s): Music Education
Caf Favorite: Nachos
Best Class: Applied Voice
Recent Read: Evangelical Lutheran Worship
Rachel Palermo ’15
New Brighton, MN
Major(s): Economics, Political Science
Caf Favorite: Pizza Bagels (from the Pause)
Best Class: Politics of Human Rights
Recent Read: Atlas Shrugged
Johnna Purchase ’13
North Richland Hills, TX
Major(s): English
Caf Favorite: Grains Line!
Best Class: Great Conversation
Recent Read: A Room of One’s Own
Kate Seybold ’15
Wausau, WI
Major(s): Biology, Environmental Studies
Caf Favorite: Falafels
Best Class: Religion
Recent Read: The Hunger Games
Karl Turnland ’12
Owatonna, MN
Major(s): Sociology/Anthropology, Social Studies Education
Caf Favorite: Gado gado
Best Class: Global Independence
Recent Read: Eaarth
Zoey Slater ’14
St. Cloud, MN
Major(s): English, American Studies
Caf Favorite: Pot stickers
Best Class: 1968- American Revolution
Recent Read: The Sun Also Rises
Sheldon Way ’14
Delano, MN
Major(s): Psychology, Religion
Caf Favorite: Build Your Own Stir-Fry
Best Class: Psychopathology
Recent Read: The Hunger Games
Lakresha Williams ’15
Hopkins, MN
Major(s): Psychology, Social Work
Caf Favorite: Cheesecake
Best Class: Religion 121
Recent Read: Redeeming Love