Intensely Residential

Many of life’s most important lessons are learned outside the classroom. That’s why St. Olaf is a place where relationships matter, and community is at the heart of what we do. Students who learn, play, organize, and volunteer together form lifelong bonds, and the friendships formed around shared activities are a vital part of the St. Olaf experience.

St. Olaf is a residential college by design. That means we value living and learning in community. You’ll live on campus and eat in Stav Hall, our common dining hall. You’ll find yourself in lively and meaningful conversation with friends, classmates, and professors — over coffee in the Cage café, walking across campus, or grabbing a late-night pizza in the Pause. The diversity of the St. Olaf community will open your eyes to different worldviews and experiences, and different religious and political ideals.

With more than 250 student organizations — from environmental activism to Taiko drumming — St. Olaf offers plenty of opportunities to get involved. From the moment you step foot on campus, you’ll become part of a dynamic, welcoming community, where you can pursue your interests and strike out in new directions.