International Studies

The world that welcomes the generation now coming of age is complex, challenging, and full of exciting opportunities—for work, for service, and for lifelong learning. Students who participate in an international or off-campus study program develop invaluable global and national perspectives and ways of viewing the world that help them decide how they will live their lives. They leave campus as eager scholars; they return as knowledgeable, caring citizens of the world, ready to make a difference.

St. Olaf students have been exploring the globe for over 4 decades though with the college’s Norwegian roots, destinations abroad have always been in our purview. The tradition of international study is so deeply imbedded in a St. Olaf education that it’s almost expected that a student will participate in an off-campus program at some point during his or her undergraduate career. The question is not whether to go, but where?

St. Olaf is a pioneer in experiential learning and our programs have grown exponentially over the years, taking many forms today. Each international and domestic off-campus program exemplifies the college’s ideals: challenging academic experiences that foster thoughtful reflection and cultural sensitivity. No matter what program a student chooses, the experience promises to be a powerful one- academically, culturally, and spiritually.

International studies








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