Welcome to the Class of 2018

St. Olaf received a record number of applications this year (close to 4,900) but we admitted roughly the same number as a year ago. So our offer of admission to you means we have terrific confidence in your ability to thrive here on the Hill.

So … What Now?

When you’re ready, you can officially enroll by making your tuition deposit. We promise it will be a great decision.


We also encourage you to attend our second Admitted Students Day — on Saturday, April 26. It’s a great day to give the college one last look.

You are also welcome to visit the campus on an average day. Give us as much as advance notice as you can to ensure that we get the right classes and appointments scheduled for you.

Stay Connected

We use Facebook to provide a steady flow of information to students. You can access the official St. Olaf Admissions Facebook presence or join the St. Olaf Class of 2018 page, where you can get to know others who are attending or seriously considering attending St. Olaf next year.

Consider Joining a Conversations Program

We encourage you to apply for a Conversations program — a diverse and interesting way to start your education on campus, from explorations of American culture to environmental policy to a great books program.

Review Your Financial Aid Information

Please note that this site requires you to activate your St. Olaf account before logging into Financial Aid Online. If you have applied for need-based financial aid, you can access your information online. For student who had completed financial aid applications by our deadline (February 15), awards will be mailed by April 5. The aid office will continue to mail awards to students and families who completed the process after our deadline.

Other information about the 2014-2015 comprehensive fee, billing, and general financial information can be found on our student accounts page.

If You Need Help Logging In, or Anything Else From Admissions

Usernames and passwords can be confusing at this time of year, as some processes still run through admissions — such as our Admitted Student Days and applications for the Conversation programs. Others, such as financial aid, allow you access to the same systems our current students use. Activate your St. Olaf account (and begin using your St. Olaf email address) here.

Be sure to contact the admissions office if you run into any trouble. We’re here to help.