5th Year Art Apprenticeship

The art apprenticeship program is a fifth year of independent studio experience for studio art students upon graduation from St. Olaf College.

The objective of the apprenticeship program is to offer studio art graduates of St. Olaf College a fifth year intensive studio experience in their area of expertise to better prepare them for graduate school or a professional career in the arts. Liberal arts college graduates with art degrees need to develop strong, cohesive portfolios of independently conceived artwork to compete for places in graduate school, the work place, and professional galleries. The apprenticeship program is designed for gifted and self-motivated art students who wish to make visual arts the core of their professional future.

Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Art Apprentices

  • Madeline Berger
  • Isaac Burton
  • Juan Yanqui Rivera
  • Madeleine Senko
  • Caroline Wood