Summer Fine Arts Courses

graphicdesign_thumbArt 236: Graphic Design

Explore the design communication process, including conceptualization, creative processes, terminology, and technology.


orchestral_music_thumbMusic 132: Orchestral Music

An overview of the history and development of orchestral music through style, instrumentation, and musical vocabulary.


brazil_music_thumbMusic 133: Cultural Counterpoint: the Music of Brazil

Examine the cultural history of Brazil through the lens of its music.



rockmusic_thumbMusic 134: Rock Music: Style and content

Explore the history and evolution of rock music, from rhythm and blues to the present.



americamusic_thumbMusic 232: America’s Hit Parade

An introduction to American sacred, art, folk, and popular music from ca. 1650 to the present.



digitaldesignTheater 396: Digital Design and Production for Live Performance

Explore the use of media in live performance by creating digital performance media through script, technology advancements, and production analysis.