Math Clinics

What goes on at the Math Clinics?

Math Clinics are staffed by advanced mathematics students who will assist you with the concepts and problem sets for your class. Clinics are open for drop-ins. (No appointment necessary!)

Semester I Location and Hours (beginning September 11, 2014)

Calculus with Algebra (Math 109) and Calculus I (Math 120)
TOH 184 3:30-5pm  Tuesday & Thursday
TOH 184 7:30-9pm   Sunday-Thursday

Calculus II (Math 126), Honors Calculus II (Math 128), and Multivariable Calculus (Math 226)
TOH 184  3:30-5pm  Tuesday & Thursday
TOH 186 7:30-9pm Sunday-Thursday

Linear Algebra (Math 220)
RNS 204 7:30-9pm Sunday-Thursday

Principles of Statistics (Stat 110), Statistics for Sciences (Stat 212)
TOH 182 7:30-9pm  Sunday-Thursday


For questions, contact the ASC Front Desk at 507-786-3288.


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