Policies and Procedures

Disability and Access Center (DAC) staff are eager to assist ensuring accessibility for students with disabilities. It is the student who is responsible for initiating this process.

The first step in pursuing accommodations is for the student to contact DAC, located in the Academic Support Center, Buntrock 108. This contact should happen as soon as possible, in order to prevent delays in the provision of accommodations.

Official notification is considered to be visits, phone calls, emails, or letters from the student to DAC staff. While initial notification may also come from a parent, high school, transfer institution, or other interested party, the student must follow up with direct contact him/herself in order to be given consideration for services as a student with a disability.

Notifying other College personnel (outside of DAC) about a disability is not considered official notification. If a student discloses a disability to other College personnel, that person may contact DAC and/or provide information to the student about DAC.

Students with disabilities will meet with DAC staff to discuss their disabilities, functional limitations/barriers, past use of accommodations (if any), and appropriate accommodations. Complete, current information about the disability from an appropriate third party is often helpful for this initial discussion, and may be required depending on the disability and the situation.

Together, the student and DAC staff will determine what reasonable accommodations and/or services may be appropriate. Consultation between DAC and St. Olaf faculty, staff, and outside professionals regarding essential elements and reasonable accommodations may occur in certain situations. DAC will file all official disability-related documentation and ensure that documents are kept confidential and shared with College personnel on a limited and need-to-know basis only.

Many of our Policies and Procedures are currently being updated and revised. Existing policies may be referenced at the following link:

Existing Policies and Procedures-under revision