Disability and Access Center

Students who have a current and essential need for disability related accommodations and resources are encouraged to:

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Self Identify:

Complete and submit the student Self-Assessment/Registration Form.

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Schedule an Intake Appointment with a DAC Specialist: 

Together, we will develop a comprehensive accommodation plan and an initial ‘letter of accommodation’ for the current term’s faculty is generated. To schedule an appointment, call 507-786-3288 or stop by Buntrock Commons 108, or click on the Appointments link.

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Gather and bring documentation to your Intake Appointment: 

For types of documentation, please visit our Document Criteria page.

 Returning DAC Students:

Renew your accommodations each semester! 

You must request accommodation letters each subsequent semester. Accommodation letters are not e-mailed automatically! It is your right (and responsibility) to determine which of your eligible accommodations will be helpful in a particular class.

Annual Review (required!): 

Students are required to meet with their DAC Specialist at the beginning of every academic year for an Annual Review. At this 20 minute meeting, we will reassess current and essential needs, review your most recent documentation, and determine appropriate accommodations. To set up this meeting, click on the Appointments icon below.

Study Abroad:

If you plan to study abroad, meet with your DAC Specialist to determine any accommodation needs specific to an International experience. There will be more things to consider including refilling medications, and accessibility issues we sometimes take for granted living on our campus. Please print and fill out the student portions of the Access Abroad Form. Together, you and your DAC Specialist will fill out the remainder of the form prior to submitting it to the IOS Office.

DAC Location:

Academic Support Center
Buntrock Commons, Suite 108

DAC Hours:

8:00-5:00 Monday-Friday

DAC Specialists:

Nancy Cheeseman
phone – 507-786-3288
fax – 507-786-3923

Laura Knobel-Piehl
phone – 507-786-3288
fax – 507-786-3923