Syllabus Statements

Suggested syllabus statement for Academic Support Services

Academic Support is available to students and faculty for learning, speaking, writing, and English for multilingual students. We also provide Accessibility Services for students with disabilities. Please contact 507-786-3288 or visit Buntrock 108 to make an appointment.


Suggested syllabus statement for students receiving academic accommodations

If you have a documented disability for which accommodations may be required in this class, please contact Nancy Cheeseman ( or Laura Knobel-Piehl ( in the Academic Support Center (507-786-3288, Buntrock 108) as soon as possible to discuss accommodations. If you have already arranged accommodations through St. Olaf Accessibility Services, please arrange for the submission of your accommodation letter within the first two weeks of class. Accommodations will only be provided after the letter is submitted to me and with sufficient lead-time for me to arrange testing or other accommodations. Although I will receive the letter electronically, I expect you to initiate a conversation with me about the accommodations.


For courses that prohibit laptops/electronic devices

The following statement takes into account the needs of some students with disabilities, but does not draw inappropriate attention to them or their disability:

Laptops may not be used in this class unless you have made special arrangements with the professor.



Helping with your plan to become a better student