News from Alumni

Heather Comero

After life at Olaf, I was originally set to travel to Japan for two years and work for an international company; as things should turn out I am now working for Carlson Companies (a local company to Minnesota!) and am travelling all over the world. This October 2004 I will be in Shanghai and Beijing for the month working with a small group of representatives from GE. With my job as a Travel Director, I have been around the world and have worked with many great companies. Our staff are always on the move and some 30 Carlson staff are working at the Olympics right now cheering on the USA, and in 2008 I will be doing the same in Beijing.

Class of 2002

Sean Michael Reilly

After leaving St. Olaf, I began working for PricewaterhouseCoopers as a Transfer Pricing Associate.  Transfer Pricing is an area of International Tax in which economists determine the appropriate allocation of income among multinational corporations and their international affiliates.  After working at PwC for two years, I left and came to Ernst&Young, another big four accounting firm.  After three years of working with E&Y, I asked to be transfered to our Tokyo office for six months and the firm was kind enough to grant my wish.  As of May 2004, I have been working in our Tokyo office a block from the Imperial Palace for two months.  Everybody in my office speaks English and all of my work is in English which has made the transition to life here in Asia an easy one.  On the downside, the fact that everybody speaks English has slowed the progress I have been able to make with my Japanese language abilities.

Class of 1999

Gretchen Solting

After graduating from St. Olaf in 2000, I moved to Chicago and worked at a publishing company. In March of 2001, I went on a vacation to Maui and decided that I missed the slower pace of life. By June I had moved to Honolulu and was looking for a job! Eventually I found a job with Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL). PREL is a non-profit that strives for better education and quality of life for people living in the U.S.-affiliated Pacific, as well as all over the world. I started as the Ethnomathematics Digitial Library Assistant ( and after a year, I started working at PREL as an assistant editor and now I’m the editing coordinator for all of our products (most of which are free at I’m applying to graduate school at Hawaii Pacific University for a master’s degree in Communication. Life is going well here in sunny Hawaii!

Class of 2000

Deanna Tollefson

I am currently in Atlanta where I am working on my Master in Public Health (MPH) at Emory. I am studying Global Environmental Health–looking at the intersection of rapid development, environmental changes, and how these impact people’s health–which intrinsically links me to issues of Asia. I am settling into the MPH program and am in awe at all the opportunities that seem to exist now (and in the future) for me here. I am in classes with people who have a variety of amazing experiences. I’ve been able to apply for a variety of part-time jobs, and so far have gotten an interview at the Global Center for Safe Water, an organization that works with a variety of NGOs, like CARE international and NGOs that are locally run and organized in the developing world, to ensure sufficient access to quality water worldwide. There are a variety of opportunities at the CDC to work with both domestic and international issues, too, that I’ll be applying for. It is fun to be surrounded by people who are all quite concerned with health as a human right, and to brush shoulders with people who have understood this and acted upon this in a variety of different ways. I’m itching to get out and apply things that I am learning–but for now I am gaining the necessary skills. It is quite an exciting world!

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