Internship opportunities

The Asian Studies Department has organized internships for Asian Studies majors in Taiwan and Japan at the following organizations. Students should check with the Piper Center for more information.

Internships in Japan

  • EducationFirst—Shibuya, Tokyo.  This international company arranges in-country programs for high school and college students.  Intern will participate in interviews of Japanese college students as part of ongoing study of ways to expand the appeal of this program for study/travel abroad.  (see:
  • Japanime—Nishi-Kawaguchi, Tokyo.  Small-scale development, design, production and marketing firm that creates manga and anime-related education materials.  Intern lives with the owner’s family on site.  Opportunity for interaction with artists, designers and technology specialists.
  • English House Joy and Otofuke Town Hall—Obihiro and Otofuke, Hokkaido.  Two part internship.  With English House Joy the intern will participate in teaching English to children and young adults.  At the town hall the intern will participate in life-long education program development and delivery and some middle school English teaching.  Intern will live on-site at the English House Joy school.  (see  and

Internship in Taiwan

  • Kingcar Education Foundation—Taipei.  Established in late 1980s the organization’s main work is to create co-curricular educational opportunities for youth.  Intern will be involved in ‘summer camp-type’ activities in and around Taipei.  (see:

Deadline for Summer 2014 Internships: Monday, March 10 at 4 pm in TOH 368

Application and Guidelines for Summer Internships 2014