Biomedical Studies Concentration

Classes of 2016 only:

Working closely with the Biomedical Studies Coordinator, the Health Professions Committee, the Piper Center for Vocation and Career, and other St. Olaf academic departments, you will compete the Biomedical Studies Concentration, which includes:

  • Exploration of the healthcare arena
  • Academic courses that assist in the development of specific healthcare related interests
  • Experiential learning activities to gain real world hands-on experience
  • Completed drafts of a written resume, and the development of important interviewing skills
  • Evidence of knowledge and preparedness to move forward with career interests

Important Resources:

Biomedical Studies Coordinator – Mary Walczak
RNS 302A x3498

The Piper Center for Vocation and Career – Susan Kramer
Tomson Hall 270 x3249

Program Description

Biomedical studies is a multidisciplinary program that was implemented in 2000 in order to provide students with an experience that helps them not only research but also prepare for careers in health care. The concentration was intended to enhance the preparation of students entering careers in the biomedical arena ranging from medicine to sports science to hospital administration. However, with the restructuring of The Piper Center for Vocation and Career, Piper Center staff and programs are able to meet these career preparation needs better than an academic program can. Because academic preparation is clearly a part of any career discernment and pursuit, strong faculty advising is available to students in any health-related field (see the Pre-Health Studies page in the academic catalog). Because of these changes in the Piper Center and in the Health Studies program, the Biomedical Studies concentration is no longer an academic program beginning with students in the Class of 2017.

The Biomedical Studies Concentration consists of five courses and a senior capstone experience. All students must take a foundation course (Biology 123 or 243) depending on their course of study. In addition, students are required to choose one course from opportunities in each of three core components: practical application, experiential learning, and ethical consideration. Within each of these three components, several choices fulfill the requirement. The fifth course is a Level II or III elective outside the student’s major.

By the senior year, students will have completed a concentration that allows for the development of individual interests and prepares each to pursue further education and/or work in their chosen healthcare related fields.

Important Notes:

  • To begin the Biomedical Studies Concentration, you must meet with the Biomedical Studies Coordinator usually during your sophomore year at St. Olaf.
  • All work for your Biomedical Studies Contract must be completed and submitted to the Biomedical Studies Coordinator by May 1 of your senior year.
  • Please note that the Biomedical Studies Concentration also consists of non-course requirements, including participation in Piper Center workshops, attendance at career-related events, preparation of a resume, and conducting career research. All students may take advantage of these events, regardless of whether they are part of the concentration.

Completing the Biomedical Studies Concentration