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Marino pens New York Times piece on wisdom of ‘do what you love’

MarinoGordon300x350“Student advisees often come to my office, rubbing their hands together, furrowing their brows and asking me to walk along with them as they ponder life after graduation,” St. Olaf College Professor of Philosophy Gordon Marino writes in the New York Times.

“As an occupational counselor, my kneejerk reaction has always been, ‘What are you most passionate about?’ Sometimes I‘d even go into a sermonette about how it is important to distinguish between what we think we are supposed to love and what we really love,” he notes.

But, he asks readers, “is ‘do what you love’ wisdom or malarkey?”

Read Marino’s analysis, titled “A Life Beyond ‘Do What You Love,'” online.

Marino is a nationally recognized sports journalist who regularly contributes to publications like the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, and New York Times. In addition to his teaching and writing, Marino also serves as curator of the Howard and Edna Hong Kierkegaard Library and co-coaches the St. Olaf Boxing Club with Associate Professor of English Carlos Gallego.