Posting & Publicity


Please display posters/signs on the following designated Bulletin Boards only:

  • Identified spaces in the Post Office Box area
  • Bulletin boards in Student Activities hallway (west end, 2nd level)
  • Free standing triangle board near Library
  • Boards located outside of Stav entrance
  • Areas designated for specific information, i.e. SGA, Piper Center, for sale, etc., are reserved for their postings only.
  • 8.5″ x 11″, 11″ x 17″, or 8.5″ x 14″ signs are limited to 3 per event or group
  • Nothing is to be hung on the Crossroads Wooden Wall.
  • Please do not post flyers over other posted flyers


Advertising is allowed in designated areas. All postings must be in accordance with college policy. Establishments selling alcohol may post posters which advertise entertainment events and food specials, but cannot advertise cover prices, ID requirements, drink prices, or any other references to alcohol.

Pushpins are encouraged for posting; they are located near the top of each area and additional pins may be obtained from the Commons Director’s office. Posting spaces will be updated daily. All postings will be recycled.

 Roll Paper/Newspaper-print Signs

*Paper Roll signs can only be hung on the bulletin strips above the PO area and on the railings in Stav Dining Room.

  • Maximum 2 roll paper signs for each event (only 1 per designated area)
  • Signs and Banners are NOT permitted on the railings or wood wall in the Crossroads
  • Signs will be a maximum 2 1/2 ft x 2 1/2 ft
  • All signs MUST be date stamped in the Office of Student Activities, BC 107.
  • Maximum 7 day hanging time
  • Please use the ladder available in the Office of Student Activities to hang your sign. Do not use the Fireside furniture for this.

Campus resources (i.e. the Poster Room) cannot be used for the production of publicity regarding off-campus functions. Any outside/non-college-affiliated group is not permitted to utilize these resources. These supplies and locations are also not available for personal use.

Newsprint signs that do not follow guidelines will be carefully removed and the organization or group responsible for that sign will be contacted and informed as to which guideline has been overlooked. Publicity will be stored and may be collected at the Office of Student Activities. It will be held for three days before it is recycled.

Political Campaign Postings

Literature and flyers regarding off-campus political campaigns, (i.e. US Congressional or Presidential campaigns; state or local offices) are permitted to be posted within the Commons but MUST list the sponsoring recognized campus group. Any postings advocating a particular issue must also identify the sponsoring groups. All postings must follow posting/publicity guidelines listed above. On-campus election campaigns (i.e. Student Government) must follow SGA Election guidelines. These can be obtained from the SGA in the Office of Student Activities.


No taping of any kind is permitted except on the balcony railing of the Stav Dining Room. Only tape supplied by the Office of Student Activities is allowed for these hangings. Taped items be taken down immediately.