Vendor/Solicitation or Tabling


Groups or individuals that wish to distribute or sell literature or merchandise, wish to recruit students, or seek membership or support for organizations, shall be subject to the following regulations:

  • All campus-affiliated student organizations or individuals desiring to sell merchandise or services on campus must schedule that activity via Nancy Stuckmayer and are subject to approval from director of the Buntrock Commons.
  • If an organization is selling merchandise through an outside vendor (i.e. sweaters, posters), a contract must be arranged at least two weeks prior to the sale through the director of the Commons. Vendors are limited to one visit a month.
  • Non-campus table-rental fees are based on the type of vendor and will be determined upon contact with the Conferences staff.
  • All campus and/or non-campus organizations or individuals desiring to distribute printed materials or establish a point of contact with college students, faculty or staff within the Commons should clear their activities with the director of the Buntrock Commons. This opportunity will be limited to once a week.
  • Non-campus affiliated organizations or individuals whose purpose is selling merchandise or services or distributing literature and/or information are prohibited from activity on campus unless sponsored by an officially recognized student organization or department or approved by the director of the Commons.
  • St. Olaf College reserves the right to determine what items can be sold on campus and in what locations. ¬†¬†Vendors are expected to stay behind the table provided and to not verbally solicit guests.
  • Any persons desiring to sell merchandise or services on campus through credit card sales must handle all cards in a PCI compliant manner and cannot use the St. Olaf network to process such payments.
  • Advertising is allowed in designated areas. All postings must be in accordance with college policy. Establishments selling alcohol may post posters which advertise entertainment events and food specials, but cannot advertise cover prices, ID requirements, drink prices, or any other references to alcohol.
  • Youth-based membership groups must have an approved adult supervisor present during tabling.
  • Sound amplification is allowed at a reasonable level.