Completion of Process

  • Once a student accepts employment with a community organization, the student is required to make an appointment and meet with the Work Study Coordinator, Julie Bubser x3999.
  • Student will complete and submit three required forms: I-9 and W-4 to be completed through the Financial Aid Office and the Work Authorization Form to be electronically issued by the Work Study Coordinator.
  • The Work Study Coordinator will provide a hired student with materials and information such as time sheets, payroll schedules, and transportation availability.
  • We will discuss expectations, professionalism, and accountability as a student working with and for community partners.
  • Part of a student’s role is to establish and maintain communication between the Work Study Coordinator and the organization’s supervisor to support the efforts of the student, organization, and the community service program.
  • Attend required paid continuing education workshops two times a year.
  • Complete end of year program survey.

Student Work Payroll Schedule