Knutson Endowment

Mission of the Endowment

The Philip N. Knutson Endowment in Lutheran Campus Ministry provides special funding for programs, exhibits, and conferences that address timely life issues and concerns facing Christians in higher education, including the subject of human sexuality and the Church.

Topics addressed should be approached comprehensively in terms of their impact on spirituality and faith; emotional, mental and physical development and health; lifestyles; vocational outlook; and societal and political implications. Conferences that address human sexuality should incorporate both heterosexual and homosexual perspectives in the context of church and society.

Applications for projects beginning prior to June 1, 2015 will not be considered. The board funds program components other than travel, lodging and food. Grants typically range from $1,000 to $10,000.

Eligibility and Procedures

Who is eligible to apply?
Students, chaplains, faculty, staff, and administrators at ELCA colleges or universities; colleges and universities with Lutheran Campus Ministry programs; or other projects addressing the mission of the endowment.

Application proceduresĀ 
Annual applications are due by February 1. The application process isĀ online.

NOTE: The Endowment Board expects successful applicants to send a summary evaluation after the project ends, including an attendance figure and how well the project’s objectives were achieved.

The deadline of February 1 each year is absolutely firm. Proposals received by then are sent to Knutson Board members and discussed via conference call within three weeks of that date. During April, the board meets and discusses proposals qualifying as finalists. Final notification is sent to recipients by April 30.

Philip N. Knutson

Phillip Knutson was deeply devoted to the education of young people and to fostering discussion of issues facing Christians in today’s world.

After graduating from St. Olaf College, Phil became a pastor, and then served in the ELCA’s Division of Higher Education for many years. His passion and energy will be long remembered by colleagues and those he served with dedication.

Philip’s struggle with AIDS ended in 1994, but his vision is carried forward by the significant endowment he created through St. Olaf College. The Philip N. Knutson Endowment for Lutheran Campus Ministry supports the mission of the church in higher education and how they work together to serve God’s kingdom.

Previous Grant Recipients
Guidelines and Criteria