Consulting Hours

Statistics students who are Fellows in the Center for Interdisciplinary Research will hold office hours for statistical consulting in Regents 207 (the CIR office).  As part of the expanded Center for Interdisciplinary Research (eCIR), we also have fellows with backgrounds in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

Office hours this semester will be Monday-Friday 1-2pm and Sunday-Thursday 7:30-8:30pm.  Every time slot will have at least one statistics student; students with expertise in applied and computational mathematics will be present Sun, Mon, and Thurs at 7:30 pm.

Any faculty member or staff member who has questions about statistics, applied mathematics, or computer science, related to their research or other work is welcome to stop by.  You may also refer students who are working on independent research projects, capstone projects, or semester-long class projects to visit with data analysis questions.  Please note, however, that by the terms of our grant from the NSF, the CIR Fellows cannot provide tutoring assistance; students with statistical questions from regular coursework should contact the Academic Support Center or visit the stat help clinics instead.