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stofaces.cfm Director: Dana Gross (Psych)
Office: RNS 132
CIS office hrs in TOH 283
Thurs 10:00-11:30; or by appt
Email: Phone: 507-786-3624
 Program Coordinator:
Susan Carlson
Office: Tomson Hall 283
Phone: 507-786-6707

Dana Gross, Professor of Psychology, has been a member of the faculty at St. Olaf since 1988. In teaching, research, and scholarship, Dana is fascinated by the interplay of nature and nurture, cross-cultural variations in beliefs and practices, practical applications of research findings, and policy considerations.

Internationalizing the psychology curriculum is another major theme in Dana’s work. This emphasis is reflected in her on-campus Interim course comparing human development in China, Japan, and the United States (Psychology 226); an Interim course exploring child development and family life in India (Psychology 223); and a June 2011 psychology faculty workshop that she organized with Ken Abrams (Carleton College), funded by an Associated Colleges of the Midwest FaCE grant.

Susan is a graduate of Carleton College, with a B.A. in English. She came to St. Olaf in 1987 with a background of experience in the St. Paul Public Library and at the West Side/West St. Paul Voice, a community newspaper, as well as in business settings. At St. Olaf she began as a staff member in the Rolvaag Library, then moved to the Dean of the College’s office and then the Paracollege before taking on her current position in the CIS in 1999, when the program began.

In Northfield, she served on the board of directors of Prairie Creek Community School for several years, including as its chair; was a Girl Scout leader, Gold Award committee member, and volunteer trainer for the local GS council; and had other community involvement connected with her two children. Currently, she is active in the Northfield Arts Guild Theater, as director, actor, and costume designer, and has recently returned to the Theater Committee, the producing group for the theater’s annual season of comedy, drama, and musicals for all ages. She lives in Stanton Township, Goodhue County, where she serves as an election judge even in the unexciting elections.

Current Faculty Advisors Students Individual Majors
Mark Allister (English, Environmental Studies) Aly Young ’14 Sustainable Communities
Brian Bjorklund (Theatre) Laura Beck ’14 Sound Design and Production
Brian Bjorklund (Theatre) Jake Roberts ’14 Performance Technology and Design
Shelly Dickinson (Psychology, Neuroscience) Stefan Lemke ’14 Neuroscience: Circuits and Behavior
Todd Edwards (Theatre) Ben Harvey ’14 Electronic Artistic Design
Steve Edwins (Art and Art History) Marcia Klopf ’14 Design of Social Spaces
Mary Griep (Art and Art History) Austin Martin ’14 Digital Art and Animation
Olaf Hall-Holt (MSCS-Computer Science) Erik Wyatt ’14 Emergent Properties
Joan Hepburn (English) Tasha Viets-VanLear ’15 African American Expression of Identity through the Arts
Abdulai Iddrisu (History) Tara Reyelts ’14 African Culture and Colonialism
Judy Kutulas (History, Gender Studies) Missy Wilm ’15 Marriage and the Wedding: Institution, Tradition, and Ritual
Jean Porterfield (Biology) Julieth Rojas ’14 Public Health Policy and Management
Anthony Roberts (Dance) Elly Wagnild ’15 Body and Mind: Wholeness through Movement
Matt Rohn (Art and Art History) Maggie VanDerMolen ’14 Arts, Activism, and Community Development
Bill Sonnega (Theatre, Media Studies) Kelsey Keegan ’14 Marketing and Communication in New Media
Charles Taliaferro (Philosophy) Solvejg Wastvedt ’14 Environmental Activism through Writing
Anne Walter (Biology) Love Odetola ’14 Health and Wellness in the Developing World
Jeanne Willcoxon (Theatre) Caroline Holden ’14 Cinematic Studies and Film Production
Tom Williamson (Sociology and Anthropology) Sudip Bhandari ’14 Public Health
Karen Peterson Wilson (Theatre) Jessilyn Marth ’14 Management and Marketing in the Arts

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