Advice for Applicants

Magnus the Good Award : Advice for Applicants

Proposal Deadline : Completed proposals should be sent electronically to Susan Carlson ( by March 18, 2016. Please notify the CIS ( of your intent to apply as early as possible in the process of putting together an application, and no later than March 1, 2016.

The Award : One or more awards of up to $3000 are made each year.

2016-17 Award Announcements : April 1, 2016.

Background : This award, initiated in 2003, is made possible by the “Magnus the Good Endowed Fund,” established by friends of the former Paracollege. It honors several important values of the college, including (1) that faculty and students learn well when they collaborate in one-on-one partnerships for research and/or reflection, and (2) that students learn well through having opportunities to apply and extend classroom learning.

The Award : Open to projects from any discipline or combination of disciplines, this award may support either research projects or innovative applications of learning. The funds may:

  • help with specific costs of proposed research, such as supplies or travel;
  • fund presentation of the results of research at appropriate forums;
  • provide financial support that enables a student to carry out the proposed project;
  • provide incidental materials support for the faculty member involved.

Applicants are encouraged to suggest new ways to use the grant to further student-faculty collaborations.

Although the Award usually encourages collaborations between a single faculty member and a single student, projects may involve a faculty member and up to three students. The Award is for projects planned with students returning for the 2016-17 academic year; graduating seniors are not eligible.

The Award is open to projects from any discipline or combination of disciplines. The Award is equally available to applicants who propose research projects (regardless of the field), or innovative applications of learning in new, practical situations.

The selection committee will favor proposals for actual collaborations between faculty and students over proposals that represent student work supervised by a faculty member, or faculty work in which the student participates. Strong applications will situate the proposed project in the context of the student’s interests and work, and also in the context of the faculty member’s interests and work, making clear the value of participating in the project to each of the applicants.

The Award requires a commitment to make the results of the project public, but the selection committee appreciates the risk of failure entailed in any venturesome project, and will be happy to see the public sharing of surprising or unexpected results, as well as of hoped-for results.

The Award can fund projects to be carried out at any time from June 1, 2016, through the end of classes in May 2017.

For more information or questions, contact Dana Gross ( or Susan Carlson ( or see the Call for Proposals.