Previous Individual Majors

Grad Yr Individual Major
2013 Intellectual History of Western Political Theory and Social Ethics
2013 Growing Up in America: A Study of American Identities
2013 Human Resource Psychology
2013 Architecture and Design
2012 Multimedia and Software Design
2012 Criminalistics
2012 Multilingualism and Multiculturalism
2012 Language and Language Learning
2012 International Relations and Ethics
2012 Business and the Changing American Family
2012 Cross-Cultural Communication
2012 Music and Theatre Production
2012 Social Marketing and the Environment
2012 Social Innovation and Community Development
2012 Environmental Aesthetics
2012 International Studies
2012 Social Justice and Cultural Transformation
2012 International Development: Environmental Sustainability in a Global Economy
2012 Business Management and Innovation
2012 International Relations and Global Development
2012 Christian Worship and the Visual Arts
2012 Marketing, Communication, and Branding
2012 Media and Cultural Deviance
2012 Public Relations in the Public Sector
2012 Studies in Business Management & Communication
2011 Neuroscience
2011 Writing for Performance
2011 Writing for Theatre and Film
2011 Studies of Conscience
2011 Neuroscience
2011 Entertainment Management
2011 Political Communication
2011 Ecology of Wellness
2011 Commercialization of Media
2011 Marketing and Advertising in Media
2010 Writing and Directing Intentional Film
2010 Interior Architecture and Design
2010 God and the Infinite
2010 Evolution of Law: Political Theory, Modern Applications, and Morality
2010 Earth, Faith, and Community
2010 Globalization and Finance (Globalization of Money)
2010 The Psychology of Social Change
2010 Film: Conception to Production
2010 Archaeology: Methodology and History
2010 Film Genres
2010 Intercultural Medical Practice
2010 Worship and Community
2010 Film Studies: Writing and Production
2010 Social Ecology
2010 Contemporary Aesthetics in Media and Arts
2009 Native American Studies
2009 Sports Journalism
2009 Ecologically Sustainable Communities
2009 Children and the Arts in Society
2009 Film Studies: History and Criticism
2009 Women’s Health and Wellness Studies
2009 Advertising and Society
2009 Studies in Business Leadership
2009 Film Theory and the Study of Visual Narrative
2009 Chinese Language
2008 International Public Health and Sustainable Development
2008 Writing for Performance
2008 Social Justice Studies
2008 Directing for Stage and Screen
2007 Biological and Psychological Perspectives on Health and Illness
2007 The Politics and Practices of U.S. Agriculture
2007 Cinema and Social Thought
2007 Sustainable International Development
2007 Arts for Social Change
2007 Sequential Art: Graphic and Literary Narrative
2007 Franco-German Studies
2007 Creative Writing for Text and Screen: A comparative study
2007 Comparative Ethics
2007 Foundations of Global Healthcare
2007 Global Inequalities and Health
2006 Western European Architecture and Design
2006 Journalistic Ethics
2006 Development Studies: Economic development from an interdisciplinary perspective
2006 Human Rights and Environmental Justice
2006 Health Psychology: The mind and body implications of health
2006 Psychology of Religious Pluralism
2006 Epidemiology and Biostatistics
2006 The Three Faces of Lyric Theatre
2006 Public Health: Policy and Reform
2006 Creative Writing and Philosophy
2006 Renaissance Studies
2006 Legacies of Empire: Unity and division in postcolonial societies
2006 Media and Visual Communication
2005 Interpretive Studies in Sustainable Development
2005 American Values: Religion and society in the U.S.
2005 The Biological and Psychological Interface of Health and Illness
2005 Dynamics of Colonialism
2005 Environmental Discourse Analysis
2005 Peace and Peacemaking
2005 The Communication of Faith: A study in apologetics, performance, and ministry
2005 Nature Theology
2005 Education, Writing & Film
2005 Business Practices & Ethics in Bicultural Communities
2005 American Media Ecology: A Values-Based Exploration of American Mass Media and Contemporary Culture
2005 Gender and Media in Contemporary Sport
2005 Compassionate Medical Care
2005 Sports Writing: The spectacle of sports in American culture
2005 Communication Studies: Voice & Media Analysis
2004 A Paradigm for American Liberation
2004 Social Policy
2004 “Wild and Precious Life”: Educating for an Ethic of Sustainability
2004 Film Studies: Writing and Production
2004 Bilingualism: Language and Culture
2004 Rock and Roll: The Cultural Contexts of Popular Music
2004 Narrative Understanding of Religious Identity
2004 Computer Science
2004 Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body and Associated Health Sciences
2004 Religion, Gender & Environment: a study of attitudes
2004 Integrative Media Studies
2004 American Pursuits in a Postmodern Society, with an Emphasis on Mass Media
2004 Understanding Illness: Psychological perspectives on health, illness, and medicine
2004 Conceptualizing Cultural Differences
2003 Mathematical Foundations of Art
2003 Oppression and Liberation Studies
2003 Models of the Environment
2003 Oppression, Resistance and Social Justice
2003 Children’s Studies
2003 Film Studies: Writing and Production
2003 Intl Commerce & Communication: Africa and the U.S.
2003 Photojournalism: Images and the Media
2003 Geology
2003 Humanistic Medicine: Social and Psychological Foundations of Doctor/Patient Communication
2003 Applying Ethics & Community Organizing
2003 “Free Your Mind”: the Mass Media Major
2003 Film Studies
2003 Media, Culture, and Women’s Identity
2003 Sports Writing: The Social Significance of Games
2003 Business and The Good Life: An American Ideal
2003 Communication and the World of Sports
2002 Film Analysis
2002 Human Rights and Arts Activism
2002 Conflict and Resolution
2002 Human Performance and Wellness
2002 Social Services in Theory and Practice
2002 Cultural and Political Interaction: Africa and the Western World
2002 The Emerging Creative Self: Personal Growth in a Relative World
2002 Photojournalism: Media, Imagery and Perception
2002 Contemporary Peace Issues in the Middle East
2002 Perceiving the Natural World Through the Arts
2002 Linguistics Studies: Language and Meaning
2002 Movement as a Therapeutic Process
2002 Ethics in Practice: Profits and values in a global context
2001 International Relations
2001 Youth Ministry
2001 Film Studies

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