Groomis Awards for Summer Projects

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2015 Groomis Award Winners

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Winners of the 10th annual Groomis Award competition were announced on Monday, May 11, 2015, during an Ancient and Medieval Studies Symposium held in Rølvaag Memorial Library Room 525, from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Groomis Awards provide financial support for St. Olaf students who are undertaking worthy summer projects with an ancient or medieval focus.

This year’s winners are Joseph A. C. Burkhart, a sophomore Classics and Chemistry major from Bloomington, Indiana, Leif D. McLellan, a junior Classics and Ancient Studies major from Shoreview, Minnesota, and Morgan M. Wychor, a senior Classics, Ancient Studies, and History major from Rosemount, Minnesota. All three students will be participating in archaeological digs that run from the middle of July to the middle of August.

Joseph will learn the basics of how to excavate an ancient Roman site (Antiochia ad Cragum) by taking History 202, the Mediterranean Archaeological Field School in Gazipasa, Turkey, taught by Professor Tim Howe. Leif, who took History 202 with the support of a Groomis Award last summer, will head to Sweden this summer to study a Viking Age harbor site being excavated by the Gotland Archaeological Field School. Morgan, who used her 2013 Groomis Award to defray the cost of participating in the dig at Antiochia ad Cragum while gaining hands-on experience with the Roman amphora collection in the Anamur Museum, will focus her attention on Sarmizegetusa Ulpia Traiana, the capital city of the ancient Roman province of Dacia (modern-day Romania). After spending a month in Transylvania with Archaeotek’s Roman Imperial Urban Excavation, she should be well prepared to begin the Master’s program in Classical Archaology at the University of Vienna in the fall.

Groomis Awards (up to $500 each) are funded from the Groton and Loomis Endowments. The former was established by Anne H. Groton, Professor of Classics at St. Olaf.  The latter was established by Kenneth and Kathleen Loomis; their son Stephen Loomis graduated from St. Olaf in 1997 with a double major in Latin and Mathematics.

The symposium showcased the Independent Research recently completed by students majoring in Ancient Studies and Medieval Studies. Five St. Olaf students (John L. Seabloom-Dunne ’16, Rebecca A. Redelfs ’16, Rachel K. Brooks ’15, Robert P. Nevins ’15, and Grace B. Koch ’15) described their projects in Ancient Studies; one (Katya N. Martinovich ’15) her project in Medieval Studies.  Refreshments (pizza, root beer, ice cream) fortified the speakers and the audience.

List of Groomis Award Winners, 2006-2014

2006 Groomis Award Winners

Michael W. Gulden ’08
Archaeological Field School, University of Utah

Emily C. Holm ’08
Intensive Latin Workshop, University of California-Berkeley

2007 Groomis Award Winners

Holly M. Browskowski ’07
Internship at Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Kayla A. Rasmussen ’08
Intensive German Summer Language Program, Middlebury College

2008 Groomis Award Winner

Adrienne C. Rowell ’10
Excavation of Saninsera, Roman town on the Cape of Cavelleria, Menorca, Spain

2009 Groomis Award Winner

Elizabeth S. Creager ’12
Participation in the Annual Institute of the American Classical League

2010 Groomis Award Winners

Katherine A. Crawford ’11
Villa delle Vignacce Summer Archaeology Field School in Rome

Justin L. Luthey ’11
Seminars at J. Paul Getty Villa in Malibu; visit to Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at Azusa Pacific University

2011 Groomis Award Winners

Katherine A. Crawford ’11
Excavation in Stobi, Macedonia, sponsored by the Balkan Heritage Field School

Kristofer D. Coffman’13
Textbooks for independent study of Biblical Hebrew

2012 Groomis Award Winners

Emily Marie Sandquist  ’13
Books for independent study of Tractatus Super Psalmos by Hilary of Poitiers

Natasha E. Hellen ’13
Textbooks for independent study of forensic archaeology

Kristofer D. Coffman’13
Norwegian-Latin dictionary for independent research as Rand Scholar at the University of Oslo

2013 Groomis Award Winners

Chance E. Bonar ’15
Presentation of paper on Alexander the Great at history conference in Athens, Greece

Morgan M. Wychor ’15
Archaeological field work at Anamur Museum and Antiochia ad Cragum in Turkey

2014 Groomis Award Winners

Nicholas A. Gantt ’15
Archaeological field work at Antiochia ad Cragum in Turkey

Leif D. McLellan ’16
Archaeological field work at Antiochia ad Cragum in Turkey