A Tradition of Latin Plays

Curculio 2016 photo02 croppedCurculio 2016 photo13 croppedEvery other year, St. Olaf Classics students perform one of Plautus’ ancient Roman comedies in a musical mixture of English and Latin. Each performance runs 50-55 minutes with no intermission. The troupe takes the show on the road to other schools in the area.

Most recent production:  Plautus’ Curculio (March 9-12, 2016). At left the slave Palinurus takes his master’s dogs for an early-morning walk; at right Curculio wears a furry disguise in order to deceive the banker Lyco.

For more on the plays, see this article in Didaskalia. DVD’s are available from the director, Prof. Anne Groton.