Department-Sponsored Events

Who may sponsor an event?
Any St. Olaf department, office, or organization may sponsor an event if it complements the mission of the college.

What does it mean to sponsor an event?
The sponsor is to ensure compliance with all rules associated with the use of the space. The department/office will only sponsor events for organizations that are not-for-profit and are not fundraisers. The sponsor is to represent good stewardship on behalf of St. Olaf College.

Declaration of Sponsorship Form must be submitted 30 days prior to the event. The department contact acts as event coordinator and is responsible for the successful operation of the event. The Conferences, Camps, and Events (CCE) office will confirm approval of the sponsorship directly with the contact person.

Does your event involve bringing youth to campus?
St. Olaf is committed to promoting the safety and well-being of students, youth and others who are entrusted to our care. The college has adopted  the St. Olaf Guidelines for the Protection of Minors to describe requirements placed on administrators, faculty, staff, students, volunteers and all others working with minors – to promote their protection, to fulfill our obligation as mandated by law, and to provide the best possible experience for any minor visiting campus or in college-related programs.  This policy requires any program involving minors to meet the following criteria:

1. Register the program with the CCE office using the Request to Host Minors on Campus (online form). An email confirmation will be sent back upon approval.

2. Coordinate the dissemination, collection, and maintenance of the Guest Policies and Behavior Expectations (online form) – Guest Policies and Behavioral Expectations (pdf). For visiting groups, complete the Guest Policies and Behavior Expectations – Group (online form) – Guest Policies and Behavioral Expectations – Group (pdf).

3. Provide proof of successfully completed background checks for all adults who will interact with minors as part of the activity or program. Contact Human Resource Office for assistance.

4. Coordinate the completion of Sexual Abuse Awareness: Creating a Safe Campus for Young People online training by all adults in the program working with minors. Contact Human Resource Office for assistance.