Camp Twitter140549583067 St. Olaf Summer Piano Academy
June 15-21, 2014

Q: Is there a limited number of students that can attend the academy?
A: The academy can take between 20-24 students.

Q: What is the ratio between boys and girls attending the piano academy?
A: Ratio is typically 50/50.

Q: What level should the piano student should be at to be considered for the SPA?
A: Students should play repertoire like Beethoven Sonatas, Op. 49, the Bach Two-part Inventions, the Chopin Waltz in C-sharp minor.

Q: Do students come from many levels of piano experience?
A: The level ranges from work on large Concertos to Brahms Intermezzi, Haydn Sonatas or a Granados Spanish Dance. Students do not have to extremely advanced, but should be committed to serious study during their time with us.

Q: What is the refund policy?
A: Please read the refund policy on the registration page.

Q: My child is one year too young for camp, can they still register?
A: We maintain a wait list and if there are still openings prior to the start of camp we will fill positions with younger students. Call the camp office to get your name on the list. 507-786-3042.

Q: Can I use a credit card to pay for camp other than online?
A: Sorry, no. In order to meet regulations we can only take credit cards using our online form.

Q: How do I attach a file of one of my audition recordings?

A: Upload the file onto your computer from your recording device. From your computer, attach the file in the recording upload portion of the registration form.

Q: How do I upload a recording file onto Youtube (or similar website) and provide the link?
A: An account is usually required in order to upload video files onto Youtube or similar websites. One you make an account, upload the file according to directions provided on the website. After uploading, copy the link displayed when the video is playing and paste the link in the recording upload portion of the registration form.