Advanced Theater Camp

June 20-29, 2014
Students ages 15-18

The Advanced Camp provides an opportunity for students to focus on taking their experiences to an advanced level.

Scene Study: Work on, and bring to full performance, a scene from an established play.  Campers will work in smaller groups in order to give each actor a character they can explore using techniques taught in Advanced Acting Class.  The scene will be performed in a showcase on the last day of camp.

Monologue Exploration: Instructors will work with you to select and break down a monologue (you can bring your own monologue or choose one through your instructor).  You will work on the monologue in depth with the aid of the guest instructor and director during the week.  The goal is to give you a monologue you can use in future auditions for companies, and college auditions.

Advanced Stage Makeup: This class will explore techniques that you would use in application to a specific character.  There will also be the opportunity to work on make up beyond basic techniques.  Campers with a latex allergy cannot take part in any prosthetics portions of class.  additional fee (includes take-home makeup kit).

Musical Theater: Focusing on the audition experience and characterization in song.  We will work on, and perform at the showcase, a group song.

Advanced Stage Combat Class: In this class we will explore more advanced techniques in hand-to-hand and bladed stage combat.  Participants will safely learn how to integrate stage combat into storytelling and character development.  We will explore body dynamics – the process of how the human body reacts to the choreographed moves.  Smaller more challenging combat scenes will be choreographed and performed on the final day of camp.  For an additional fee, you can purchase your combat-approved sword.

Technical Theater: In this exciting new camp addition we will explore what goes on behind the scenes.  We will look at scenery, lighting, sounds and costume design.  Campers will get to create designs from scripts and stories.  We will be working with industry standard software to create designs including SketchUp and Qlab.  3d models, renderings, sound recordings, and more will be created through the week and displayed in the Kelsey Theater Art Gallery on the final day of camp.

In addition to design we will look at production and stage management.  what does it take to make a production happen and run smoothly?  this session will include practical construction and painting of the basic scenic elements as well as hang and focus lighting, creating lighting and sound cue – all of which will be part of the final presentation.