Requirements for a CS major

St. Olaf’s Computer Science (CS) major is a balanced liberal-arts program that satisfies national curricular expectations, builds on a breadth-first, hands-on introduction to the discipline, takes a team-based approach to software design including interdisciplinary team projects, integrates ethical and social analysis in a distinctive way, and emphasizes written and oral communication skills and other aspects of a liberal arts education. See the page on curricular objectives for more information about these goals. See also the most recent catalog description of the major.

A CS major is arranged by individual contract between the program and a student, which helps both the student and the program with academic planning and builds in the potential to adapt requirements according to special circumstances and particular educational objectives. See Dick Brown ( to arrange a contract.

The CS major ordinarily requires a total of 11 credits in CS, with exceptions for double majors with Mathematics or Physics. Further information about the courses is provided in summary or detailed format; see also additional documents related to the curriculum.


Foundation courses (3-4 required)

Alternative. The following course (offered through Fall 2008) replaces both CS1 and SD:


Core courses (4 required)


Capstone course (1 credit required)
  • CAP: CS CS 390 Senior Capstone Seminar. [WRI]. Prerequisite: Senior CS major with all core courses taken or currently enrolled.


Elective courses (2 required)