2003 Conference Archive

CWTA 2013 LogoBlessed is the Ordinary

In the commonplace experiences of our lives, God is made known to us.

A new feature offered in 2003 was an intensive Theology Seminar Series, led by Dr. Kristen Kvam of the Saint Paul School of Theology. The seminar, Ordinary Time Outside of Eden, was limited to a small group of participants who must make a commitment to attend the daily two-hour block of sessions, complete advance readings, and do study assignments each day. This exciting opportunity is a response to the need for an in-depth, academic, theology series expressed by previous conference attendees.

During the conference, worship services model worship planning that integrates text, liturgy and the arts. Focusing on the Ordinary Time of the church year, the daily services provided an opportunity for conference participants to gather as a community for spiritual renewal.