2006 Conference Archive

For the Fruit of All Creation

The theme, “For the Fruit of All Creation” calls us to explore individual and church community responsibility to care for God’s gifts. Worship services, in-depth seminars, special interest sessions and plenaries uplift these themes:

  • CWTA 2006 Logo“And It Was Very Good,” Genesis 1:31
  • Wind, Breath, Filling Us and Speaking to Us
  • Earth, Plants, Animals — Including Humans
  • Fire, Light, Destruction, and Growth
  • Water, Baptism, Reaffirmation, and Mission.

Wind, earth, fire, and water: each of these elements demonstrates to us the ongoing dialectic of creation and destruction in which we live, both as mammals in a global ecosystem and as Christians who live under the cross simul iustus et peccator. Wind destroys and energizes; soil dies and lives; fire kills and refines; water drowns and hydrates. I was very good…and it still goes on.

How do we, as people of God and servants of the church, draw this limited and littered world with its continuous cycle of creation and destruction into our liturgy, theology, daily lives, cities and farms? How might we immerse ourselves into care of creation knowing we both create and destroy, at once sinful and forgiven?

We explore these questions.  Together — it is very good.