2008 Conference Archive

Fling Wide the Gates

CWTA 2008 LogoThe theme “Fling Wide the Gates” calls us to examine in scripture and worship how we open wide the gifts of Christianity for others and for our own hearts.

It is a strange thing about humans, but true: open gates and open doors generally feel more welcoming than no gate at all. The absence of walls, boundaries, fences and gates gives no signal about welcome or unwelcome, while a gate, thrwon open, says, “Come on in.” The New Jerusalem of John’s Apocallypse has 12 gates to the city — a gracious, extravagant welcome.

The 2008 CWTA contemplated and celebrated open gates:

  • Daily worship, always a highlight of the conference, served as a gateway into the welcoming presence of Grace.
  • The gates of a beautifully renovated Boe Memorial Chapel will were thrown open for conference participants to enjoy, featuring the newly built Holtkamp pipe organ.
  • Thoughtful lectures, plenary addresses and seminars opened gates to new understanding.
  • And through the lively mix of learning and worship, all were called to a renewal of life in a covenant where love and justice work together to “Fling Wide the Gates.”