2012 Conference Archive

Confluence: Gathered in God’s Grace

Confluence — the meeting of two or more streams.CWTA 2012 Logo

When streams of water join together it calls to mind something almost primordial – the first words of creation, turbulence and chaos becoming orderly and purposeful.  Water is the essential element of all life, necessary for bodies and land.  Water is the gift of baptism, our strong identity carrying us through this world like the powerful flow of a river that has emerged from many streams.

Confluence — the meeting of two or more streams.

When different streams of thought or associations or loyalties convene often, like water, turbulence occurs.  And in this time in history tempest and division feel like the general way of being.  So confluence is a prayer, a longing to be gathered from our separate places, to come together in communion with Christ and with one another, as God’s whole, cherished people.

Confluence — the meeting of two or more streams.

When we began this conference at opening worship we were confluent, a collection of people from all across this church joining together for learning, listening and nourishment.