Jennifer Bader

Jennifer Bader
Instructor in Dance



John-Paul Douglas (J-P)
Lead Staff Musician and Academic Administrative Assistant

Keyboard, Percussion, Brass, Composition, Administration


Karla Grotting
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Dance, Spring 2016

Jazz, tap, and percussive dance forms


Heather Klopchin
Associate Professor of Dance

Dance History, Ballet, Modern Dance, Companydance

Anthony Roberts

Anthony Roberts
Artist in Residence in Dance, Sabbatical: Spring 2016

Modern Dance, Movement, the Camera and the Creative Process, Senior Dance Seminar, Companydance


Jake Roberts
Technical Director

Interim Technical Director in Dance

Janice Roberts

Janice Roberts
Professor of Dance, Sabbatical: Spring 2016

Modern Dance, Choreography, Companydance

Sheryl Saterstrom

Sheryl Saterstrom
Assistant Professor of Dance, Department Chair

Body Moveable/Somatics, Power Play, Improvisation Ensemble

Anne von Bibra

Anne von Bibra
Assistant Professor of Dance

International Dance, Ballroom Dance, Veselica International Dance Company