Meet the Vice President for Student Life

As Vice President for Student Life, it is my calling and privilege to serve the students, staff, faculty, and families of St. Olaf College.

I came to St. Olaf in 1989 as the Director of Residence Life and have stayed — largely because this is a community which welcomes people in, embraces them, challenges them, supports them, and works to do the right thing year in and year out in the cause of student learning.

It is a process and sometimes we succeed, sometimes we don’t. But my job here is to see that we are always working in the interests of students, and it is my commitment that we will always do our level best.

If you have thoughts, comments, criticisms, or ideas to further this success, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We know that what you have to say can enlighten us, challenge us into new ways of thinking, and likely make us more successful.

It might be a strange thing to say, but at St. Olaf, there is a lot we don’t know, and we are looking forward to learning as much as we are looking forward to teaching.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Greg Kneser

How to find me:

Tomson Hall 148
Office: 507-786-3503
Home: 507-663-0271

Other than my regular duties at the college, here are some odd things I like to do at St. Olaf:

  • Take students, alumni, and whomever up to the tower of Old Main to write their names on walls, joining a 125 year tradition of Oles who have done the same.
  • Collect and re-tell (and sometimes debunk) the ghost stories of St. Olaf. This place is spookier than you think!
  • Work at Ole sporting events (I do the chains for football, the shot clock for basketball, and am an occasional track, field, and cross-country official).
  • Hang out with my family on campus. My wife is a 1989 alumna, and my kids both like to think they are students! We hike the trails, ride bikes, attend college events together, and participate in the life of the place. We can even see Old Main from our front porch!