Apply To Create a Collection

Do you have images, artwork, or other materials that could benefit the St. Olaf community? Interested in adding to St. Olaf’s digital assets with a collection of your own? The Digital Asset Management team is here to help, but first, please take the time to carefully follow the steps below.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact a member of the Digital Asset Management team.

Step 1: Is your collection appropriate?

As stated on our homepage, the purpose of Digital Collections at St. Olaf is to “provide searchable access to curriculum-dependent images and to the college’s unique and rare collections.” Images in the collections must fit one of those categories.

Please review the following checklist and, if you apply, be prepared to discuss it with the Digital Asset Management team:

Digital Projects Selection Checklist

Step 2: Understand your responsibilities

Throughout the planning, digitization, and finalization of your collection, you will have certain responsibilities:

  • You must attend training sessions for scanning and metadata creation. Metadata is descriptive information about the items in your collection (i.e., title, subject, date, etc.).
  • You will produce a data dictionary. If needed, the Metadata Librarian will assist you. A data dictionary describes all the information associated with your image collection. It will aid you in organizing the collection so people searching it are successful in browsing and finding items.
  • Based on feedback from your data dictionary, you will create a test set of items and meet with us to evaluate your collection, get input on functionality and direction on completing your initial set of images and metadata.

In return for your hard work, the Digital Assets Management team will:

  • Manage all aspects of the initial setup of your collection, including:
    • Permissions for those working on the collection
    • Metadata field setup, mapping, and testing
    • Loading and creation of initial test collection
    • Consultation and assistance on search forms and display of your items
  • Provide ongoing consultation on imaging and metadata creation and search-/browse-ability of your collection
Step 3: Understand the process

Please review the following page for a detailed description of the process of creating a collection:

Summary of Steps for Digitization

Step 4: Apply

If you feel you have a collection of materials that are appropriate for digitization and fit the criteria above and you understand the process, we invite you to submit an application for inclusion in our Digital Collections. The Digital Assets Management Team will review your application and, if it is approved, will set up a collection for you in CONTENTdm.

Application to Create a CONTENTdm Collection

  • The following questions cover Fair Use. Please check all that apply for each Fair Use question. (See Statute for details)

Fair use checklist adapted from, with permission from the Regents of the University of Minnesota — Twin Cities and the University Libraries.