Honors and Awards 2012-13

  • Spohn Award 2013: McKinley T Green
  • Departmental Distinction:
    Jennifer Arnspong:
    The Body in Forecloosure
    Kaitlin Coats: “Artes that been curious”: Questions of Magic and Morality in Chaucer’s “The Franklin’s Tale”
    Mckinley Green: Sex Ed: Gender and Rhetorical Education in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
    Robert C Miller: Beyond the Edge of Light
    Sarah Moon: “Tales of Martyr County” Three Short Stories
    Ryan Powley: Unmasking Psychopathology in English Literature: What Reading Such Novels Says About Us
  • Sarah E. Ferguson Publishing Award 2013: Julie A Fergus

Departmental Writing Awards 2013:

  • Paulson Poetry: Jennifer Arnspong ’13
  • Rolvaag Fiction: Chella Q Jagaraj ’14
  • Creative Nonfiction: Abigail M Grosse ’15
  • Best Sentence: Benjamin Pelegano ’15