Exercise Science Internships

Physical Therapy

Matt Williams ’12

  • Aspirus Wausau Hospital, Wausau, WI

I did both in-patient and outpatient PT shadowing at the hospital. I also shadowed a doctor at the same facility. The only hands on things I did was to help with prep or take down of PT equipment.

Sarah Morrison ‘12

General practice focused on a manual therapy approach, multiple PT’s to follow with different specialties, very good about explaining things and answering questions, got hands-on experience with basic treatments and great, honest advice about the profession and moving on to physical therapy school. They also employ an OT who specializes in hand therapy.

General practice with a lot of kids and sports PT, less hands-on experience but good explanations of treatments and given responsibility of personally overseeing patients when they were doing basic exercises.

  • St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN

Shadowed Ann Weiber-Young, a PT who visits Olaf on a weekly basis to see athletes, hands-on experience helping with treatment, great explanations.

Kait Lorsbach ‘12

Last January I spent 4 weeks in Ecuador.  For the majority of it, I was in a very small town volunteering in a physical therapy clinic, but I also spent some time helping in a school for disabled children (however, their “summer vacation” starts in mid-January because our winter is their hot season).  I had a home-stay.  My time in the clinic was incredibly hands on, definitely more than a student would ever get in the US.

Anna Bernard ’12

I found this internship through another Ole who had worked with the Yanapuma Foundation the previous year.  Yanapuma is a grassroots volunteer organization that places you with an agency, in my case Camp Hope, and assists you in finding a homestay, has an orientation, and does activities for the volunteers while you are in Ecuador.  Camp Hope is a school which is affiliated with an orphanage and provides education and physical and occupational therapy for mentally, physically, and economically challenged youth aged 3 to mid-twenties.  I shadowed and assisted the physical therapists at the school and helped with some of the rehabilitation exercises.  I also provided some of the children who had more severe mental disabilities with one-on-one care by feeding them at meal times, transporting them around the facility, and helping with hygiene. Spanish language ability is definitely necessary for this position, as many of the staff and children speak little or no English. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful and it is a challenging but very rewarding position.

This clinic works with a variety of patients with a focus on the use of manual therapy.  They have specific women’s health, sports medicine, and occupational therapy areas in addition to physical therapy and is a good exposure to a wide range of patients and rehabilitation needs.  The position also involves some clerical work, such as filing paperwork, and cleaning of the equipment and offices.

Ellie Steiner ’12

Kathleen Stefely ’12

Andrea Fossum ’12

Gina Collings ’12

Virginia Ma ’12

  • Shadowed physical therapist & orthopedic surgeon in Edina, MN

Michelle Yancey ‘14

Shadowed physical therapist Josh Tanner as part of interim class ID 255

Andy Kleven ‘14

  • Montevideo Rehabilitation Services, Montevideo, MN

Shadowed physical therapist Tom Reeves. This is more of a small-town practice connected directly to a hospital and a nursing home. I saw a lot of variety while shadowing him including hospital patients, nursing home patients, out-patient clinic patients, and at-home patients. I saw a full gamut of patients from about 5 years old to over 80, athletes, knee surgery, shoulder surgery, and a lot of workers compensation. I mainly just shadowed but also assisted Tom with some lifting and teaching of basic motor skills.

Shadowed physical therapist Kyle Cooke. This was strictly an out-patient clinic. Many patients had lower back issues, knee surgeries, shoulder injuries. I was especially interested in the manual therapy techniques that they employed. These techniques are not used at many clinics or even taught fully in physical therapy school. Kyle was great with helping you plan your future as far as PT goes. He had some great insight as far as entrepreneurship and classes goes. I even rubbed elbows with a well-known PT by the name of Mark Bookhout. I was used as a “patient” for a training session where other PTs came and learned about massage techniques.

Alana Patrick ‘14

Shadowed Joe Wavra at this outpatient clinic.

Shadowed a physical therapist in a pediatric setting.

Strength and Conditioning

Wesley Lynch ‘12

  • St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN

I did a strength and conditioning internship here at Olaf with coach Stern and worked a little bit with coach Lundin.  I worked with a group of track runners on running form, attempting to improve their acceleration and overall speed.  Then, with coach Stern, I worked on lifting techniques, speed and agility, and learned about what goes into making an off season workout regimen for an entire team at the DIII level.

Here we work with hockey players of virtually all ages, developing total body strength.  The emphasis is on a type of training called EVO sport fitness training.

Anna Bernard ’12

This full-time internship combined PT shadowing for half of the time and working with the High Energy Advanced Training (HEAT) program for the other half.  With the HEAT program, I assisted in making individualized training schedules for middle and high school athletes based on pre-made plans depending on the sport for which they were training. Each day, I worked with multiple athletes of all different abilities, going through weight lifting, treadmill, and cross training workouts with them.  This was very helpful in both learning more about PT and specific training programs and lifting techniques and how to motivate athletes and work with their goals. The program runs all summer and the interns can choose to work all summer either full or part-time if they like.

Joe Schlueter ’12

Occupational Therapy

Michelle Yancey ‘14

Shadowed hand therapist Alice Snorteland as part of interim class ID 255.

Exercise Science

Kait Lorsbach ‘12

30 hour/week, 10 week Health Exercise Science Internship.


Health and Wellness