Financial Aid Withdrawal Policies

In order to begin the withdrawal process, a student must contact the Dean of Students Office (verbally or in writing) to begin the paperwork necessary to withdraw or take a leave of absence from St. Olaf. For the purposes of tuition refunds and financial aid refunds, the date of withdrawal is established as the date the student notifies the Dean of Students Office of his/her plans to withdraw. Room and board refunds are based on when the student moves off campus.

Refund Policy

Tuition, room, board, and fees refunds for anyone leaving within five weeks after the beginning date of any semester will be determined according to the following graduated scale:

One week or less — 90% refund
Two weeks or less — 80% refund
Three weeks or less — 60% refund
Four weeks or less — 40% refund
Five weeks or less — 20% refund
Over five weeks — No refund

After five weeks, no refunds will be made on tuition. Room and board refunds will be pro-rated based on the number of weeks of attendance. Students who withdraw for medical reasons may receive a pro-rated refund of tuition throughout the semester and may be asked to provide the Dean of Students Office with documentation from a health-care provider.

Refund of Interim room and board in case of withdrawal will be calculated on a similar basis with two days of an Interim equivalent to one week of a semester. In those cases where a change is made in courses involving a charge, the above scale will also apply. No refunds in fees will be made for absences from private lessons, except on account of illness of more than two weeks’ duration.

Students dismissed because of unsatisfactory work or infringement of college rules will receive refunds as determined by the administration.

Students who enroll for the academic year but who elect to omit an Interim are not eligible for tuition or room credit/refund for the Interim. They may apply for an Interim board refund. Refunds will not be given for absences of less than seven consecutive days. The board refund request form (available in the Student Accounts Office) must be filed by the student before he or she leaves for Interim. If not filled out at that time, no refund will be given.

Students who attend St. Olaf for fall semester only, fall semester and Interim only, Interim and spring semester only, or spring semester only will be charged half of the annual tuition. Room and board will be prorated to reflect the partial-year enrollment.

Federal Financial Aid Refunds

If the student is the recipient of Federal Title IV funds (i.e., Federal Pell, SEOG or TEACH grants or Perkins, Direct Stafford or PLUS loans) and withdraws from the college before completing 60% of the term, federal regulations require St. Olaf to complete a Return of Title IV Calculation to determine the percentage of Title IV funds to be returned to the federal government. The percentage of Title IV aid to be returned is equal to the number of calendar days remaining in the semester divided by the number of calendar days in the semester. Scheduled breaks of more than five consecutive days are excluded.

If any funds are to be returned after the return of Title IV aid, they will be used to repay St. Olaf funds, state funds, other private sources, and the student in proportion to the amount received from each non-federal source, as long as there was no unpaid balance at the time of withdrawal. If there was an unpaid balance, then all aid sources will be repaid before any funds are returned to the student.

Institutional Financial Aid Refunds

If a student is receiving only St. Olaf gift funds, the amount of reduction of the scholarship and grant funds will be pro-rated, reflecting the percentage of the tuition refunded. For example, if 40% of the tuition is refunded, 40% of scholarships and grants will be refunded.

For more information on the academic policies and procedures with regards to taking a leave of absence or withdrawing, please visit the Academic Catalog.