Morocco Interim

French 235: Morocco Interim

Prerequisite: French 231 or placement in French 232. Open to first-year students based on availability. Taught in French.

Students spend the month of January in the Imperial City of Fès, Morocco, studying French language and Moroccan culture. This is an immersion experience that includes home stays with local, French-speaking families, who live in the Fès Medina, the largest Medina in the Islamic world. The course focuses on Moroccan culture yesterday and today, emphasizing the multicultural aspects of Morocco and facilitating student interaction with the local population. Students read a full length Moroccan novel. Grammar review is integrated into the reading and discussion of texts pertaining to Morocco’s history and culture and to their relation to present-day Morocco.

Field trips to various sites in and around Fès may include: Volubilis (a site of Roman ruins), Moulay-Idress, Meknès, Casablanca, Rabat, and an excursion to southern Morocco and Marrakech.