Deutsches Haus



Holstad House, 1115 St. Olaf Ave.
Tel: 2984

2016-2017 Resident Application available February 12; due February 26

The German honor house (Deutsches Haus) offers an immersive language environment. Housemates enjoy speaking German with one another, increasing language skills and improving vocabulary, and incorporating German cultural elements into daily life–from trying out German recipes to hosting movie nights and TV-series watch parties.

A German exchange student lives in the house each year, helping to support our program outside the classroom by conducting weekly conversation group (Stammtisch) and assisting beginning- and intermediate-level students at the German Tutorium. The exchange student also offers short presentations on German culture, shows German films, and serves as a resource on current events in Germany.

Recent Deutsches Haus activities have ranged from decorating and eating tasty Christmas cookies to Easter egg hunts and Oktoberfest barbecues and retreats. Housemates have the opportunity to decide which events they will organize, as well as elect a Deutsches Haus president to help organize these events. German language television is available for viewing in the Deutsches Haus, as well as German language films.

Visit the St. Olaf Deutsches Haus Facebook page for information about upcoming events! Search “Deutsches Haus” (Community in Northfield).

IMG_1416 P1070109 P1070105

Butterplätzchen and homemade, non-alcoholic “Glühwein”
(2015 Weihnachtsmarkt)


Trivia and Entertainment (Oktoberfest 2015)


Hausgebackene Brezeln (Oktoberfest 2015)


Oktoberfest 2 Oktoberfest 1

Grillparty (Oktoberfest 2014)