Life after St. Olaf

Are you interested in pursuing a German major or German Studies concentration, but are unsure how it can lead to a career after graduation?

Take a look at the video for some examples of how studying German can serve you in your profession. See the list below of some different career paths St. Olaf German graduates have taken.

What have St. Olaf German graduates been doing?

Scholarships, Internships, Assistantships

Christopher Alexander ’16, Martin Luther Schule, Rimbach, Germany
Sophia Magro
’16, Fulbright fellowship (psychology/educational studies), Germany
Bethany Guse ’16, USTA teaching assistantship, Austria
Kathryn Sederberg 
’07, Fulbright teaching assistantship, Germany
Amber Griffioen 
’02, Fulbright teaching assistantship, Germany
Kristin Melby ‘02, Fulbright teaching assistantship, Germany; U.S. Embassy (Berlin); Atlantik-Brücke
Emily Ruggles ’02, DAAD Scholarship, Germany
Leah Smith ’02, Fulbright fellowship, Germany
Mariah Stember ’02, Fulbright teaching assistantship, Germany; internship
Catherine Brown ’01, Fulbright fellowship, Germany
Elizabeth Kracher ‘01, USTA teaching assistantship, Austria
Deborah Pagels ‘01, Fulbright fellowship, Germany
Claire Adamsick ’00, Fulbright fellowship, Germany
Kristin Nordskog 
’98, Fulbright fellowship, Germany
Karrin Hanshew ’97, Fulbright fellowship, Germany
Johann Benson 
’95 Fulbright fellowship (mathematics), Austria
Elizabeth Bodemer ’95, Fulbright teaching assistantship, Germany
Luke Gulstrand 
’95, internship, Landesturnschule, Trappenkamp, Germany
John Olsen ’93, Fulbright teaching assistantship, Germany
Crystal Jacobs ’93, Fulbright teaching assistantship, Germany
Heidi Helmich ’92, Fulbright teaching assistantship, Germany

Graduate School:

Kirsten Young ’11, Medicine, Des Moines U.
Kathryn Sederberg 
’07, German, U. of Michigan
Erik Grell
’05, German, U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill / Duke U.
Valerie Aggerbeck
 ’02, Law, U. of Minnesota
Michelle Baker ’02, Political Science, Monterey Institute
Amber Griffioen ’02, Philosophy, U. Iowa
Kristin Melby ’02, German and European Studies Program, Georgetown U.
Gillian Born ’95, Art History, New York University in Buffalo
Jeremy Dickinson ’94, Medicine, U. Iowa
Eric Schmaltz ’94, History, U. Nebraska
Kenneth Hanshew ’92, German, U. Illinois
Mary Smith ’92, Library Science, U. Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Jennifer Redmann ’89, German, U. Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Mary Beth Stein ’80, Folklore, Indiana U.

Industry and Trade:

Paul Cochran ’94, apprentice broker, Paine Webber
Reis Haase ’90, account manager, Lufthansa Airlines
Jan Bienhoff ’85, Senior IT Consultant with BT Americas
Stephen Frerichs ’85, agricultural economist with the USDA

Secondary School and University Teaching:

Kathryn Sederberg ‘07, Assistant Professor of German Studies, Texas Christian U.
Erik Grell
’05, Lecturer in German Studies, Hamline U.
Brenna (Gardner) Meunier
 ’03, German Teacher, Sauk Rapids-Rice High
Mariah Stember ’02, Cologne, Germany
Kristin Melby 
’02, Dreilinden OberschuleWannsee, Germany
Peder Hanson
 ’02, Kai En English Training Center, Shanghai, CHina
Amber Griffioen ’02, Münster, Germany
Kristin Nordskog 
’98, private language school, Kiel, Germany
Jon Bang ’96, Shattuck-St. Mary’s, Faribault, MN
Suzette Apling’94, Omaha North High, NE
Crystal Wiemann ’93, Shattuck-St. Mary’s, Faribault, MN
Heidi Helmich ’92, German and Biology, Menasha High School, WI
Jennifer Redmann 
’89, Associate Professor of German, Franklin & Marshall U.
Barbara Swanson 
’87, Willmar Jr. High, Willmar, MN
Linnea Swenson ’85, German and English, Hastings High School, MN
Mary Beth Stein ’80, Associate Professor of German, George Mason U.