Manitou Heights Society

Members of the Manitou Heights Society believe in the mission and future of St. Olaf College. They participate in sustaining this mission through planned giving, such as a bequest in a will and/or revocable trust, charitable trust, charitable gift annuity, designation of retirement or pension funds, or a gift of life insurance, among others. The amount of the gift is a personal choice and all information shared with St. Olaf College is kept strictly confidential.

Members of the Manitou Heights Society represent all ages, ranges of income, and many walks of life. Through your membership, you become part of St. Olaf’s passionate global community and your gift plans provide value-added educational opportunities for future generations of students. YOU are the legacy family of St. Olaf College.

Manitou Heights Society members share a bond of fellowship and the confidence of knowing that their gifts—often designated for General Endowment or for a named endowment fund—keep the college’s programs and facilities vital and strong.

How does a charitable endowment work?

An endowment fund is designed to provide income for unrestricted or restricted (designated) purposes related to the mission of St. Olaf College. The principal (core amount) of a permanently restricted endowment fund is usually invested for growth. Only the income or a portion of the income from an endowment fund is available for use each year. St. Olaf works with individual donors to prepare endowment gift agreements to carefully match the donor’s charitable plans with the college’s long-term priorities and needs.

Why is planned giving important?

Previous generations have laid a strong foundation for St. Olaf College. Today, members of the Manitou Heights Society help sustain the college for future generations. Planned gifts carry the college forward. These future gifts grow over time and ensure the college’s financial stability for years to come.

How do I qualify for membership in the Manitou Heights Society?

You will become a member of the Manitou Heights Society by making one or more planned gifts to St. Olaf College. Some of the most common types of planned gifts are:

  • Name the college in your will
  • Establish a revocable trust
  • Name the college as a beneficiary on your life insurance
  • Name the college as a beneficiary of your retirement plan
  • Provide a contribution for a charitable gift annuity
  • Establish a deferred payment gift annuity
  • Establish a charitable remainder trust or a charitable lead trust

The process is easy but the decision requires thoughtful deliberation. In addition to consultation with your family and/or your financial advisor, a qualified team of development officers are ready to discuss options with you. Contact us or further clarification and assistance as you begin your charitable gift and estate planning process. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to achieve your goals. Call 800-776-6523 or email