Prescription Refill

St. Olaf College

Health Service Prescription Refill Procedure  

As a courtesy, four local pharmacies deliver to St. Olaf College. In addition, students may choose to transfer prescriptions to other local pharmacies and are responsible for their own transportation.  Walgreens pharmacy is within walking distance to St. Olaf. Transportation Options

  1. Student will arrange for transfer of current prescription to pharmacy of choice. This usually means calling the current pharmacy at home, and giving the name and telephone number of the new pharmacy in Northfield, and requesting the transfer of prescription.
    Pharmacy Name Telephone Fax Number
    Econofoods 507-645-4489 507-645-1006
    Walgreens 507-645-9658 507-645-9774
    Sterling Drug 507-645-4455 507-645-6912
    Northfield Pharmacy 507-663-0344 507-663-8934
  2. Student will arrange for pre-payment through the pharmacy for delivery. This usually means leaving a credit card on file with the pharmacy of choice, either arranged in person or on the telephone.
  3. When a refill is needed:
    1. Student will call pharmacy for refill of medication when needed.
    2. Please call with at least 7 days of medication left. This allows adequate time for processing and delivering.
    3. Call pharmacy, leave your name and telephone number, prescription number, name of medication, insurance information, and be sure to emphasize that you need to have the medication delivered to St. Olaf. College Health Services. 
    4. Students can drop off written prescriptions from providers and they will be kept until the intended pharmacy comes to make a delivery.  Prescriptions will be picked up at that time and then delivered on the next scheduled delivery day. Pharmacies do not make special trips to pick up prescriptions.
  4. Student will present to Health Service to pick up medication. Health Service does not verify medications at delivery.
  5. Student will verify that medication is what was ordered and sign for pick up.
  6. Delivery of medications is usually stopped at least one week before student breaks.  Students need to plan ahead or arrange for transportation to the pharmacies to pick up medications.
  7. Health Service is not responsible for medications that are undelivered by the pharmacy.  Students will need to call the pharmacy and arrange for a delivery or pick up alternative solution.