Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Phone Numbers

IOS office                               Telephone        1-507-786-3069 or 3375
IOS Director Jodi Malmgren
Home: 1-

IOS Associate Director Kathy Tuma              1-507-786-3228
Home: 1-507-645-8518

IOS Weekend Cellphone                                1-507-321-2100

State Department Overseas Citizens Services
Inside the US: 1-202-501-4444
From Overseas: 888-407-4747

For Emergency Evacuation:  EIIA   St. Olaf Travel Emergency Policy  #352191
Inside the US: 1-800-527-0218
Collect – Overseas: 410-453-6330

Dean of the College Marci Sortor       Office: 1-507-786-3004
Home: 1-507-645-6965

Dean of Students Rosalyn Easton-Neeb
Office: 1-507-3503
Home: 1-507-645-4484

St. Olaf Health Service                       Office: 1-507-786-3063

St. Olaf Counseling Center                 Office: 1-507-786-3062
Director Steve O’Neill                        Home: 1-507-663-6108
Eric Bergh                                           Home: 1-507-645-6113
Cheryl Schiappacasse                          Home: 1-612-599-2656
Krista Larson                                      Home: 1-507-663-0377
Henry Emmons, MD                           Home: 1-612-483-4349