Faculty International Profile

St. Olaf College ranks as the nation’s leading bachelors-degree institution in the number of students who study abroad according to the Institute of International Education. The high level and variety of international involvement of students is closely connected to he experience of the St. Olaf College faculty members who advise, teach, lead, and administer over seventy off-campus study programs.

This directory is an attempt to document the international experience of St. Olaf faculty, and is intended to serve as a resource to those within and outside the St. Olaf community who wish to locate people with international experience in a specific area of the world or within an academic discipline.

The St. Olaf Faculty International Profile Directory is indexed by alphabetical order of faculty by name, email address, department or program, language proficiency, and country of study, teaching, research or experience.

Users of this directory are encouraged to contact any of the individuals listed in the directory for additional information.