How to Apply


Students who want to study off-campus next year on a semester or year-long program will follow a TWO-STEP PROCESS:

1. submission of a Declaration of Intent by November 1, 2013
2. submission of a full Application by March 3, 2014

There are two main reasons for asking you to submit a Declaration of Intent. It encourages you to think early about your long-term plans and take steps to prepare yourself before you study off- campus. An early indication of student interest also helps the financial managers of the college budget more effectively to accommodate the maximum number of students on off-campus programs.

Although the college will attempt to accommodate the interests of all qualified students who want to study off-campus, it is possible that it will need to set some enrollment limits on next year’s off-campus study programs, depending on the total number of applications and the cost of the programs to which students apply. For these reasons, we strongly encourage students to submit an early indication of their plans. Students who submit a Declaration of Intent in the fall will be given preferential consideration in the spring selection process.

If students are not ready to declare a program choice with a Declaration of Intent in the fall, they can still submit a full application in the spring. However, their applications will be considered after the applications of those who submitted a Declaration of Intent by November 1.

Follow with care the instructions when completing the Declaration of Intent:
(1) Browse Programs at
If you have any questions regarding your study abroad options, contact Helen Stellmaker at or x3871.
(2) Attend International and Domestic Off-Campus Study Open House on October 9, 2012
(3) If applicable, attend Interest Meetings for selected study abroad programs.
(4) Create a Declaration of Intent between October 11 and November 1.  The form can be found when you login at (or enter via the “Create Declaration of Intent” button on the IOS homepage).
Rank up to 3 programs and write a statement detailing your reasons for studying abroad.
(5) Request electronic approvals from your academic advisor and the program advisor
(6) Pay the $50 Declaration of Intent Fee.
(7) Read and electronically sign the Declaration of Intent Agreement.

All of these steps must be completed by November 1, 2012. There are no exceptions to the deadline for submission of a Declaration of Intent.
Application Deadlines

Oct 5:   Teaching in India/Korea
Dec 21: ACM Japan Studies
Jan 29:  Lutheran College Consortium for Tanzania
Feb 1:  Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Sem. I),
ACM Urban Education, Oslo Summer School, Trinity College Dublin
Feb 15: Milan Year, ACM Oak Ridge Science Semester, ACM London/ Florence
March 1: All other Semester I, Semester II or full-year programs


If you are approved to participate on an off-campus program, International & Off-Campus Studies will officially register you in SIS for your program. Please note that we cannot register you for an off-campus program if there are any holds on your account. This applies to semester, year and interim programs.

Selection of Participants

Each program has a selection committee to review the completed application. In some cases, the applicant is interviewed by the selection committee.

Whenever possible, selection of participants is made within 30 days of the application deadline.

A complete list of the criteria for selection is available in the Office of International and Off-Campus Studies.

Applicants who apply through the department of education must receive approval from that department.

Off-Campus Interims

Brochures and application forms are available in the Office of International and Off-Campus Studies in April. Students must submit an application form and make an initial $100 deposit.

Off-campus Interims are open to sophomores, juniors and seniors in good academic standing. Some Interims are open to first-year students. Final application deadline is October 3.