Pointers to Parents

Prior to Departure:

Talk to your student about goals and expectations in studying abroad.
Discuss any fears or apprehensions your student may have.
Encourage your student to take responsibility for pre-departure logistics and paperwork.
Help your student organize his or her finances while abroad.
Make sure your student has adequate health coverage.  (Note here the St. Olaf insurance policy and what it covers for students
Confirm that your student’s passport is valid for at least six months AFTER returning home.
We suggest that one parent/guardian have a valid passport as well, in case of an emergency requiring travel to your student.

During the Program:

Encourage independence.
Encourage your student to create networks and make local contacts.
Avoid too frequent contact (via email or skype) thereby allowing your student the best opportunity for integration with the host environment.
Continue to remind your student of your support.


Recognize that your student has likely had a life-impacting experience.
Let your student share the experience as much as he/she desires.